MEE Plenary Sessions

13:00 - 14:30

Policy vs. technology

Decisions made today will have huge implications in years to come for greener growth. A sustainable energy future will only be achievable through effective policy enablers and new systems. Policy development is required to support the transformational change required, this will include facilitating technological innovation, development of effective regulatory framework and investment in new green markets & industries.

  • Is regulation facilitating or inhibiting the energy transition?
  • Is innovation in the power sector being matched by supporting regulatory policies?
  • Supporting a green future through a pro-active strategy of policy enablers?
  • Is the traditional model of financing power projects broken?
  • Outline how financial stakeholders should be supporting the energy transition?

Ramy al Ashmawy
Senior Energy Specialist, APICORP

Mohammed Atif
Area Manager, Energy,
Middle East & Africa, DNV GL

Bruce Smith
Forecasting & Planning Director,
Emirates Water & Electricity Co

Graeme Lindsay Sims
Executive Director,
RSB for Electricity & Water