Thought leadership at MEE

10:30 - 12:00

Power of digital

Digital technology is transforming the energy sector (and bringing with it wide-ranging changes). The IIoT promises to digitalise much of the world’s industrial processes, including an overhaul of physical infrastructure in the utilities sector (such as power generation, transmission & distribution). This brings with it both enormous opportunities (operational & societal) and major challenges (interoperability & regulatory)

  • Facilitating and accelerating the energy transition through adoption of new technologies
  • Rebuilding energy networks to embrace digitally enabled low-carbon technologies
  • Outlining commercially viable technologies to replace desalination 
  • The challenge of integrating new technologies with legacy enterprise systems

Jon Blackburn 
Partner (Utilities),

Brian Williams
Energy Natural Resources Industry Advisor, SAP

Chris Blakeman
Senior Implementation Engineer,
Enerlytics (Uniper)