Thought leadership at MEE

14:00 - 15:30

Effective renewables integration

Wind and solar PV tender tariffs has fallen below $20/MWh in the GCC region making them clearly the least cost source of electricity. One of the major challenges is adapting power systems so that wind and solar PV can be safely and securely integrated at scale.  Power systems will need to become significantly more flexible and there are a range of potential technology options (interconnection, demand side flexibility, flexible gas IPPs and different forms of energy storage) and operating practices that can be adopted.

  • The challenges that wind and solar PV bring to system operation
  • The role that energy storage can play
  • How can integration of electricity with other sectors (such as transport) aid integration 
  • How best to evaluate alternative options to add power system flexibility 
  • The changes to the regulatory framework needed

Brendan Cronin

Head of Management Consulting Middle East, Afry

Suresh Bhaskar

Head of Business Development – Power and Gas Infrastructure MESCAT, ENGIE

Rasheed Sulaiman

Digital and MYA Leader,
GE Steam Power 

Reem Korban

Associate Professional, IRENA

Madina Mukhanovaz

Market Manager, Fluence

Radek Szewczk

Application Development Specialist – Nomex, DuPont