On-demand Sessions - 2021

Access the thought leadership sessions from Middle East Energy 2021 and hear what energy industry trailblazers had to say about the future of energy in the coming years. 

Product Pitches

Product Pitch: Lockout Tagout solutions to prevent electrical risks during maintenance (Brady Middle East)

Product Pitch: Track the Sun - Maximizing Irradiance Capture


Product Pitch: Preparing for Peak Power


 Product Pitch: New “game-changing” way of maximizing current sensing accuracy while simplifying implementation in Renewable Energy and Industrial Controls

We hear You - by

Product Pitch: Cummins product pitch: Proven reliability for mission critical applications globally

Product Pitch: Sponsored Webinar by Cummins: Sound Attenuation

Product Pitch: Product Pitch by Cummins: Flexible mobile power on the move

Product Pitch: Products designed to meet your tactical power needs

Product Pitch: Solutions designed to power the gas generation market no matter how extreme the fuel source or operating conditions

Woodward product pitch: easYgen-3000XT just got better

Woodward product pitch: easYgen | LS-6XT: Total control of your power generation system

Woodward product pitch: easYgen | GC-3000XT: Command your complex system

Product Demo: Powerful remote battery monitoring solution to reduce your CAPEX and OPEX

Webinar: Innovative
back up power solutions for data centres

Product Deep Dive: Maintenance-free and compact battery solutions: a vital support to critical systems

Product pitch by Hitachi ABB Power Grids: Dry Type Transformers with Transient Voltage Protection

Product pitch by Hitachi ABB: Transformer Asset Management using TXpert Ecosystem

Product pitch: Hitachi ABB Power grids tap-changers–help utilities to reduce maintenance and footprint

Product pitch: AirRIP® flex transformer bushings – The power of a thousand bushings

Product Pitch: Transformer Arc Testing

Product Pitch: Revolutionalising urban planning through underground cables


Product Pitch: Testing Services for E-Mobility and Batteries

Product Pitch: Solutions for Electrical Termination for Smart Homes and Smart Buildings

Product Pitch: Improving Reliability of the Overhead Distribution System with the TripSaver II

Product Pitch: Testing Transformers for the Grid of the Future

Product Pitch: Solutions for Electrical Termination for Smart Homes and Smart Buildings

Product Pitch: Updating your LV Switchgear IEC 61439 certifications to the 3rd edition

Product Pitch: Distribution and power transformers in smart networks

Product Pitch: Cable and Wire Identification in installations and plants

Thought Leadership Sessions

Opening Video Message by the Minister


Panel: Integrating renewables into electricity networks

Exploring the opportunities around growing wind sector, across the UK, Africa, Asia and the Middle East

Industry Update: Middle East Solar Industry Mid-Year Report

Panel: Financing the energy transition


Briefing: Enabling the adoption of Green Hydrogen in the region

Panel: Realising the potential of green hydrogen – will this be the game changer for the energy transition?

Industry Updates and Keynotes - LIVE Q&A Session

Interview with GE: Mapping the Role of Nuclear Power in Energy Transition

Industry updates and keynote speech: Energy Diversification and the Race to meet Clean Energy Targets - Strategies to Meet Net Zero

Keynote Speech: Making energy accessible to all: the opportunities and challenges around offgrid power

The back up power market in numbers: presentation on back up power market, trends and opportunities

Panel Discussion: Securing energy security for critical infrastructure

Energy Storage, Management and Efficiency


Industry Leaders Panel: Impact of digitalisation on transmission and distribution networks

Creating stable grids with variable resources: incorporating alternating energy sources into the existing grid system

Panel: Making technologies work for you - choosing the right over the latest

Balancing grids during the energy transition: alternating energy sources (smart grid, IoT, AI)

Industry Update and keynote Speech: Reducing consumption through green buildings and smart cities

Industry Leaders Panel: Introducing demand side management programs to save energy

Remote Interview: Using Artificial Intelligence to streamline, optimize and innovate the functioning of buildings

Industry Leaders Panel: Reducing energy consumption of buildings

Industry Masterclass: Role of green building councils in promoting smart cities

A WiSER Pioneers Panel: "The role of young women in the energy sector in accelerating the sustainability agenda"