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Changing the way energy is provided in the future.

Due to growing concerns about the environmental impacts of fossil fuels and the capacity and resilience of energy grids around the world, engineers and policymakers in the MENA region are increasingly turning their attention to energy storage solutions.

Battery storage systems are already being deployed at multiple levels of the electricity value chain in the MENA region, including at the transmission, distribution and consumer levels. Energy storage deployment in emerging markets is expected to increase by over 40% each year until 2025.

The Energy Storage and Batteries Zone at Middle East Energy 2023 is the perfect meeting place for those first-movers looking to capitalise on the drive for energy storage through innovative technical solutions that can unlock new business models and revenue streams.

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Energy Storage & Batteries industry in numbers

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Areas of focus:

  • Energy storage technologies
  • Energy storage system components and equipment
  • Battery production technologies/ machine and plant construction
  • Grid infrastructure and solutions for the integration of renewable energy
  • Energy storage systems

You'll meet:
Manufacturers | Dealers | Project developers | Suppliers

14 - 16 March 2023

Dubai World Trade Centre, UAE

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