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The future of energy is intelligent

With an estimated US$ 260 billion to be invested in the MENA region’s power sector by 2022, there are lucrative opportunities for industry stakeholders to increase renewable energy production, and invest in the long-term competitiveness and energy security.

From conventional power generation and nuclear energy to renewable energy sources, diversifying the power generation mix is high on the regional agenda with an anticipated US$ 35 billion in renewable energy investments of per year by 2020. 

Middle East Energy | MEE | Power Generation

Who will you meet?

If your organisation provides the following products or services, the Power Generation Zone at MEE is where you need to be:

Low-voltage cable | Pipeline repair | Protective clothing | UPS & PQDs | Insulation Solutions | Power supply units | Emergency & safety systems | Network & security solutions | Energy solutions | Electro-mechanical equipment & services | Standby power | EPC Solutions | Wire manufacturers | And many more

15 - 17 March 2021