Meet your objectives at Middle East Energy

7-9 March 2022

Virtual Opportunities

Our online platform, hosted on Swapcard, is specially designed to create the most comprehensive exhibitor experience. Through an array of virtual opportunities, you can match with your target audience and promote your products and services directly to them.

Online Exhibitor Showcase

Sign up for the Middle East Energy 2022 online exhibitor showcase and from mid-January to the end of March, enjoy a host of benefits.

Our online platform, hosted on Swapcard, is specifically designed to create the most comprehensive exhibitor experience. Through the online platform, you can create your own virtual booth, match with your target audience, view profile visits, book meetings and promote your products and services directly.

The Premium Online Exhibitor Showcase has a wide array of options such as your company name, logo, products, brochures, website, a video header being prominently marketed on our online platform.

However, the Deluxe Online Exhibitor Showcase adds to the deluge of these benefits and pushes your organisation above the rest through standalone email promotions of your very own featured products, a landing page on the show website for featured products, and a comprehensive analytics page.

Choose an online package that best suits your business needs

Homepage banner
Gain exposure on the homepage of the Middle East Energy Swapcard platform by having your banner displayed on the homepage and mobile app.
Your banner will be seen by all the attendees on Swapcardplatform and App.
2 slots available
Price: US $3,500

Push notification
Push notifications allow you to deliver messages to the user’s mobile app and desktop when logged into Swapcard. By using push notifications you can send a text, a profile and a link to users. Great for prompting immediate interaction and engaging users.
  • Increase conversion on-site to your sessions.
  • Push visitors to your stand by customising the notification message.
Only 5 notifications per sponsor
Price: US $3,500

Need more information? Download our sponsorship brochure and find the best opportunity that best fits your business requirements.

Digital marketing & social media

Take advantage of Middle East Energy’s digital platforms and communicate with each and every visitor. Promote your messages, brands and ideas to energy professionals before, during or after the event. From Email banners, website placement and segment email communications, Middle East Energy can augment your brand in front of your target audience with various solutions starting at low as $1000. To discuss details on any of the options below please contact us today!

Dedicated eShot

Reach your target audience directly via email by creating your own eShot. Limited slots are available, with a limit of one per company.Audience can be split across:Countries or RegionsNature of Business or Job Function

Pre-show price: US $10,000
Post-show price: US $5,000

Thank you email sponsor

Raise awareness of your organisation across the entire Middle EastEnergy visitors by having exposure on the Thank you email sent post-show. This email will be shared with all the registrants and attendees of the event

Price: US $5,000

Banner ads - Attendee newsletter

Gain exposure by placing your banner on the emails to Middle East Energy attendees before the show.

Middle position: US $1,500
Top position: US $2,500

Banner ads - Show daily emails

Banner on the daily highlight emails sent to the Middle East Energy universe during the show days.

Middle position: US $2,000
Top position: US $3,000

Banner ads - Show website

Gain exposure by placing your hyperlinked banner on the Middle East Energy official website. Display your banner to over 42,000 unique website visitors per month.

Monthly tenancy, rotating
3 slots available
Price: US $4,000

Visitor registration confirmation email banner

Display your banner on the registration confirmation email and the confirmation page sent to attendees ahead of the event, including a hyperlink back to the webpage of your choice.

2 slots available
Standard: US $10,000
Exclusive: US $15,000


Reach your target audience based on an audience selection driven by Middle East Energy’s website traffic.

Your web banners will be displayed on any website hosting Google banners increasing your reach drastically. Priced by number of impressions.

Starting at 100,000 impressions.

For 100,000 impressions
Price: US $5,000

Need more information? Download our sponsorship brochure and find the best opportunity that best fits your business requirements.

Onsite branding

Standing out from the crowd and driving traffic to your stand during the show should be a priority before and during the show. By leveraging additional assets for optimal visibility during the show, starting as low $400, there is an option for every budget!

Floor tiles

Guide attendees to your booth with these 2X2 metre floor tiles placed along main walkways and entrances to the exhibition halls.

Per floor tile
Price: US $400

Hanging banners

Increase the visibility of your stand location in the exhibition hall by placing a hanging banner above it.

This is a great opportunity to be seen from afar and to make a strong statement with your booth.

Production and rigging costs are not included.
Prices start from: US $1,000

Help desk sponsor

Help desks are centralised areas where attendees can ask for help in finding their way or getting more information about the event.

Branding the info points will give additional visibility to your brand.

Price: US $15,000

QR code badge sponsor

Take advantage of this new exclusive opportunity and have your logo in all the QR code badges that are sent to the attendees.

Price for visitors QR codes

Exclusive - all attendee
Prices: US $15,000

For exhibitors
Price: US $10,000

For delegates
Price: US $10,000

Show Daily

The Show Daily is an online show magazine that will be sent to our Middle East Energy attendees digitally. The Show Daily contains industry news and all the latest trends direct from the Middle EastEnergy show floor.

Half page
Price: US $1,750

Full page
Price US $2,750

Meeting Rooms

Private Meeting rooms are available throughout the duration of Middle East Energy. It’s a great way to host meetings away from the buzz of the show floor and are available daily right above the exhibition hall.

Starting from
Price: US $2,000 (TBC)


Need more information? Download our sponsorship brochure and find the best opportunity that best fits your business requirements.

Venue branding

We offer a wide variety of branding options throughout the venue.
If you're interested in any of the options below, please contact us directly for a tailored package that will suit your business and budget.

Arch - 2 legged
Price: $7,500

Arch - 3 legged
Price: $12,000

Bridge banner
Price: $4,000

Bridge banner - vertical
Price: $3,000

Bubble lounge banner
Price: $60,000

Column cladding tower box
Price: $3,000

Column cladding tower box foyer
Price: $3,500

Convention gate skyscrapers
Price: $17,500/each

Cube sign
Price: $2,000/each

Curved banner - exhibition
Price: $58,000

Flag pole
Price: $1,000/each

Glass entrance - convention
Price: $15,000

Glass entrance - exhibition gate
Price: $15,000

Glass entrance - wasl
Price: $20,000

Glass entrance - Sheikh Saeed 3
Price: $20,000

Grid banners
Price: $2,500/each

Hall gate branding - sheikh saeed 3
Price: $7,500/each

Hanging banners
Price: $1,000

Tower box
Price: $3,750

Welcome sign - metro
Price: $18,000

Outdoor hoarding
Price: $15,000

Outdoor hoarding metro plaza
Price: $75,000

Wasl glass
Price: $35,000

Bridge banner - arch
Price: $6,000

Window strip
Price: $6,500

Convention gate branding
Price: $20,000 each side

Entrance banner - convention
Price: $1,500/each

Hall gate branding - arena
Price: $10,000

Link banner - inside
Price: $5,000

Link banner - outside
Price: $5,000

Monument sign
Price: $10,000

Outdoor parking wallscape
Price: $7,500/each

Panoramic LED
Price: $15,000

Digital square panel 1
Price: $15,000

Digital square panel 2
Price: $15,000

Mega digital screen
Price: $40,000

Digital wall
Price: $7,500/each

Curved digital screen
Price: $35,000

Spectacular digital sign
Price: $35,000

Planter wraps
Price: $15,000

Right angle
Price: $6,000

Sliding door
Price: $1,500