Your business objectives

Engage with your target audience:

Options under this category allow your target audience to get more closely involved with your brand or product.

Exclusive Product Sector

Sponsoring a product sector at MEE gives your company the opportunity to be associated as anindustry leader. Your brand will appear prominently on all collaterals, relevant signage and visitor marketing communications throughout the campaign for that sector - giving you an edge over the competition both before and during the exhibition.


VIP Buyer Programme

An unrivalled opportunity to network with up to 100 hand-selected buyers from utilities, leading consultancies and contractors from across the region. In a series of one-to-one private meetings andnetworking receptions, participants will have unprecedented exposure to some of the most valuable contacts in the industry. Participating companies will receive pre-scheduled appointments with theVIP’s, organised according to their own preference.


Mobile App

The MEE mobile app is a comprehensive show guide, product index and venue map used by visitors toplan their visit before the show, navigate while they are at the show and use as a company directory for months after the show. Sponsorship options allow your brand to appear in several areas around the app, and offer the ability to send push notifications to all users.


Official Social Events & Networking Programme

Host an hour-long networking session with a targeted audience as part of our Official Social EventsProgramme:
Happy Hour
In the Bubble Lounge as the show closes each day.
Breakfast Session
In the Bubble Lounge before the show opens each day (flexible duration).
Lunch and Learn
In the Bubble Lounge.
Networking Reception
In the World Trade Club (flexible duration).


Conference Partnership

Reach high level delegates by aligning your brand with the MEE Conferences taking place every dayon the show floor. Your company will be featured in all print and digital collateral relating to theconferences, and within the conference rooms.



Your videos promoted on the official MEE TV screens at the show and on the website.
Premium Package:
Demonstration clips recorded onsite and played during the show. 
Priority positions in playlist. 
Airtime Packages:
Your videos or content promoted on all screens throughout the venue.
On Stand Interview:
Clips recorded onsite and played during the show.
Video Coverage Prior to the Event:
Have the MEE TV record clips at your factory or office and showcase on the TV screens throughout the 3 days of the event.


Promote your brand:

Convey your messages, brands and ideas to energy professionals before, during and after the event via MEE’s print and digital channels.

Email Banner to Pre-registered Visitors

Place your advert banner in any of the weekly emails sent to pre-registered visitors with updates about the show.

$4000 (UPPER) | $3000 (LOWER)

Visitor Registration Page on the Website

Place your logo on the MEE visitor registration page and confirmation email, guaranteeing your brand exposure to every single registered visitor. Feature your banner on the “Thank you for registering page.”


Website Banners

Place you advert on the MEE website, which attracts more than 200,000 visits in lead up to the show.

$4,000 (MONTHLY)

Pop Up Banners on the Website


Exhibitor Directory Top Banner

Feature your banner or logo in a prominent position in the popular online exhibitor directory.

$3,000 (MONTHLY)

Featured Company on the Website

Feature your company’s profile or products in a prominent location on the MEE website.

$8,000 (JAN-MAR)

Homepage Skyscraper on the Website

Feature your skyscraper banner in a prominent location on the official MEE website homepage.


Targeted SMS Campaigns

Reach your target audience directly on their phones with a dedicated SMS campaign to strengthen your promotional messages leading up to and during the event.


Search Advertisements

Opt for a digital marketing search advertisment by connecting with a highly targeted and measurable audience based on the search terms they use. Our digital marketing team will assist you with the message implementation.


Social Media Marketing

Increase your website traffic by reaching out to our followers on social media.


Tailored Digital Package

A tried and tested method to get maximum return on your investment. Target a selected audience and promote your brand using a variety of digital marketing tools for full exposure.This includes:
1x email
1x follow up email
1x social media post
Follow up remarketing campaign


Adverts in Show Catalogue

Distributed throughout the show, there are several advertising options available in the printed exhibitor catalouge.


Adverts/Editorial Coverage in Show Daily Newspaper

Distributed at all media racks and information desks, be featured in up to 3 editions of the MEE daily newspapers showcasing news on the event.


Enhance your visibility in the industry:

Stand out from the crowd and drive traffic to your stand during the show.


Put your logo on the offical MEE lanyards and see your branding over the entire show. Lanyards are given out to every participant along with their badge and will be visible for all 3 days of the show.


MEE Bags

Sponsor the MEE bags and see your branding carried throughout the exhibition. Bags are handed to every visitor on arrival and can also contain an insert of your own company literature.


Hall Entrances

Position your brand at the entrance to the venue and ensure that your company is the first to be seen by every attendee.



Strategically positioned throughout the venue concourses and walkways, pillar branding is a great way to spread your branding throughout the busiest areas of the exhibition.


Information Team Branding

Turn our visitor information team into a walking advertisement for your stand, with your logo and stand number on their t-shirts.


Information Desks

Information desks are a visitor’s first point of contact for any queries they have at the event. This opportunity provides clear, visible branding for your company in the highest traffic areas of the show.


Mobile Charging Stations

This feature will identify your brand as the power providers of the power industry, a nice connection for visitors to make as they spend time charging their phones.


Fast Track Registration Desks

Display your message onscreen to all registered visitors when they collect their badges at the fast track registration kiosks.


Floor Tiles

Guide visitors to your stand with attention-grabbing floor tiles on the main aisles. For optimum visibility, we recommend a minimum of 5 tiles.


Onsite Registration Desks

Have your logo appear on the registration desks, the first thing visitors see when they register to enter the event.


WiFi Sponsor

Increase your visibility by providing all MEE visitors with the convenience of free Wi-Fi throughout the venue. Feature your company on a customised splash page, full screen ad (image or video) and landingpage.


Directional Signage Board

Have your location and logo exclusively placed on directional signage at the event, directing visitors to your stand.


Hanging Banner

Increase the visibility of your stand location in the exhibition hall by placing a hanging banner above it.



Feature your logo on the front and back of all MEE badges, required to be worn by all MEE attendees.


Extensive Venue Branding

We offer a wide variety of branding options through the venue. Please contact us to see the full list of options available.