Government support is extremely vital when it comes to the energy sector; vital in the form of acceptance. With climate goals being set with more seriousness by countries around the world, governments are ardently supporting the development and commercialization of new technologies while actively creating markets that value the qualities in an advanced energy system: zero carbon emissions, energy reliability and resilience. 

In order to support governments in their effort to develop a more sustainable and efficient energy system, Middle East Energy returns in its 47th edition.

Featuring 800+ exhibitors and participants from over 128 countries, Middle East Energy is the largest gathering of energy solution providers and trade professionals and is truly where the energy world comes together.

As a government official, here are some reasons why you should be a part of Middle East Energy 2022:

  • Network with over 800 exhibitors, thought leaders and expert energy professionals from around the world.
  • Find solutions that can help increase consumption efficiency of individuals and corporates thereby improving customer service.
  • Attend keynote sessions and gain valuable knowledge on the future of the sector.
  • Discover industry pain points and how you can get ahead of them.
  • Keep up with the latest trends within the industry from around the world.
  • Be a part of the global energy industry and help in creating a carbon-neutral society.
  • Meet commitments as an international economic and trade partner.

So join us at Middle East Energy 2022 from the 7 - 9 March, 2022 and discover the latest solutions from the likes of Sprecher Automation, CGM, Coelmo and many others.

See who is exhibiting at Middle East Energy 2022

Why Middle East Energy?

With a 45-year legacy, Middle East Energy has well established itself as the regions most reputable and comprehensive energy event in the MENA region.

Middle East Energy brings together leading manufacturers and industry experts from around the world. This year, Middle East Energy will shed light on five specific product sectors: Smart Solutions, Renewable & Clean Energy, Critical & Back-Up Power, Transmission & Distribution and Energy Consumption & Management. With that in mind, MEE will continue its legacy of introducing the right solutions and products to the right people, all in one place.