Celebrating the 100th anniversary of Kohler Power

One hundred years ago, the first Kohler modern-day generators hit the market,providing electricity to homes, boats and businesses in rural America, and setting thestage for a century of growth around the world.

Kohler and SDMO, the story: A global force in power solutions since 1920, Kohler is committed to reliable,innovative products, advanced engineering and responsive after-sales support. Over the years, they haveextended their global reach, acquiring SDMO Industries in 2005, a worldwide leader known for its highqualitygenerating set sets.

Together they have built on the legacy of two leading brands to create one of the largest generating setmanufacturer in the world, setting the standards for power generation with an unwavering focus onreliable power systems and innovation. Today, all KOHLER-SDMO entities in Europe, Middle East and Africa come together under the same nameKohler Power EMEA alongside Kohler Power China, India, SEA and Kohler Power Americas. They win asone: Kohler Power Group.Lien

KD4500, the new line of KD Series
4MW of power, only from Kohler

KD series, the most powerful choice for large diesel power generation, was launched in October 2016,utilizing Kohler’s diesel engines ranging from 800kVA/800kW to 3500kVA (@50Hz)/ 3250 kWe (@60Hz).Based on a strong worldwide market response and an increasing demand on power in mission criticalapplications, KOHLER-SDMO is proud to officially expand the KD Series with the rollout of 4 new modelsranging up to 4500kVA (@50Hz)/ 4000 kWe (@60Hz).

Our global team of engineers developed two sophisticated engine blocks – K135 and K175 – that delivera large range of power. And the largest engine of the KD SERIES range, the KD103V20 is now ready topower your needs.

User benefits:

  • Low fuel & Oil consumptions
  • High power density, compact design
  • Power quality in accordance to G3 performance class
  • (ISO8528-5) and transient response
  • Designed to run in high ambient conditions
  • Available in both fuel optimized and emission optimized versions compliant with EPA Tier2
  • Long maintenance interval to optimize your total cost of ownership

New J130, discover one of the best power to size ratios on the market
Industrial range, power from a new angle

The engine technology and the ability of KOHLER designoffice to develop innovative solutions that maintainefficiency levels in ever more compact generators.Thanks to the engine performance and the development ofthe new industrial range, KOHLER presents a 130 kVAgenerator in the same enclosure as the 88 and 110 kVAgenerators.

User benefits:

  • Low fuel consumptions
  • Very clean and compact design
  • High power quality in accordance to G3 performance class
  • Designed to run in high ambient conditions
  • More compact and sound attenuated canopied solution in the market
  • Base frame with retention to protect the environment
  • Long maintenance interval

From 900 to 1500 kVA, in open and soundproofed version

KOHLER is the only genset manufacturer in the market to offer such a flexibility: a premium rangepowered by technologically advanced KOHLER engines, and a value range powered by robust and reliabletraditional engines.

While, our PREMIUM Product range meets the most complex requirements, our competitive VALUErange, offers a high quality alternative, easy to serve on the field.The new KOHLER range of generating sets powered by Baudouin engines offer 5 models from 900 kVA upto 1500kVA in open or enclosed versions. These generating sets are configured products which are instocks, ready to ship, offering the best leadtimes in the market.

User benefits:

  • Robust, proven technology
  • Competitive prices
  • Mechanical engines easy to maintain
  • Low Fuel consumption
  • Design optimized for service
  • Configurated products ready to ship
  • Short leadtimes


About Kohler Power

A global force in power solutions since 1920, Kohler is committed to reliable, leading-edge products andcomprehensive after-sale support. Kohler’s acquisition of SDMO in 2005 created one of the world’s largestmanufacturers of generators and power solutions. The companies collectively have more than 150 yearsof experience in industrial power and now benefit from global R&D, manufacturing, and sales and service. For additional information, please visit kohlerpower.com or www.kohler-sdmo.com

About Kohler Co.

Founded in 1873 and headquartered in Kohler, Wisconsin, Kohler Co. is one of America’s oldest and largestprivately held companies. With more than 55 manufacturing locations worldwide, Kohler is a global leaderin the manufacture of engines and power systems; kitchen and bath products; premier cabinetry and tile and owner/operator of two of the world’s finest five-star hospitality and golf resort destinations in Kohlerand St Andrews, Scotland. For more details, please visit www.KOHLER.com.