Local control of electrical power drive systems

How can multiple drives, installed in the same facility, be started, stopped and set up from a single, centralized location? The pervasiveness of electronic drives, such as soft starters and variable speed drives, has brought considerable benefits in terms of both energy efficiency and reduction of the mechanical stresses for the motors, thanks to gradual ramping of starting and stopping. Reducing maintenance costs, decreasing downtime and responsibly using energy are fundamental objectives for modern industry.

Drive systems and their programming

There can be a large number of drives within an industrial plant, and managing them can be very complex, if electromechanical systems are used. The availability of devices such as soft-starters and variable speed drives (inverters) has greatly simplified this type of problem, making it possible to start and stop the motors gradually, to reverse their running direction, adjust the frequency, signal alarms and manage complex operations, using advanced functions such as sequencers, etc.

LOVATO Electric’s solution for easier control of drive systems

Lovato Electric has integrated its range of soft starters and variable-speed drives with the EXCRDU1 remote display unit, designed to be used for monitoring and remotely controlling a network of ADXL-series soft starters and VLB-series variable-speed drives.

EXCRDU1 has an IP65-rated, graphic LCD touchscreen and is equipped with an RS-485 communication port, to connect up to 32 ADXL and VLB drives, even in a mixed configuration. The furthest unit can be up to 600 meters from the EXCRDU1.

To be able to communicate with the EXCRDU1 unit, the soft starter must be equipped with the EXC1042 module (RS-485 communication interface) and the VLB variable-speed drives must be fitted with RTU logic units with RS-485 communication ports, using the MODBUS protocol.

EXCRDU1 configures itself and does not require any programming software or settings. After having set the communication parameters on the drives, EXCRDU1 automatically recognizes the type of the unit connected to it (ADXL or VLB) and automatically configures itself, displaying the graphical interface pages for the type of product that is connected. It is also the ideal solution for local, simultaneous control of multiple drives within the same facility, precisely because of the ease of setting up the devices without the need to move around.

Functions of the EXCRDU1 remote display unit

For ADXL soft starters

  • Motor starting and stopping by means of the buttons on the touchscreen
  • Motor status in graphical and text form (motor ready, acceleration ramp, bypass, etc.)
  • Reporting of any active alarms
  • The LEDs on the soft starter (POWER, RUN AND ALARM) are shown on the display
  • The motor and SCR temperatures are displayed as a graphical bar
  • Configuration of parameters
  • Display of the event list
  • Possibility to send commands
  • Monitoring of the main electrical measurements

For VLB variable speed drives

  • Motor starting and stopping by means of the buttons on the touchscreen
  • Reversing the running direction
  • Adjustment of the frequency
  • Reporting of any active alarms
  • The LEDs on the variable-speed drive (ERR, RUN, Ready) are shown on the display
  • The motor and heat sink temperatures are displayed as a graphical bar
  • PID control - the setpoint can be set directly in the unit of measure of the value to controlled (e.g. pressure, temperature, etc.)- monitoring of the feedback signal
  • Monitoring of the main electrical measurements

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