MPD 800 – Fast and easy partial discharge testing 

The MPD 800 universal partial discharge (PD) measurement and analysis system is the next generation of the widely-used and innovative MPD PD testing technology from OMICRON. 

Reliable PD testing on electrical equipment

Advanced MPD 800 hardware and software features ensure highly-sensitive multi-channel PD measurements for reliable, industry-standard PD testing on power transformers, rotating electrical machines (motors and generators), power cables, instrument transformers, switchgear, industrial drives and electrical components. Powerful noise suppression and PD source separation techniques ensure reliable analysis in areas with high levels of interference.

Users select only the software features they need 

The configurable, multi-language MPD 800 software allows users to select only the PD measurement and analysis features they need for specific PD tests and individualized reporting, based on their preferences and level of experience with PD testing. 

Supports various types of PD testing 

The MPD 800 PD testing system accurately detects and localizes insulation defects and helps users to assess the risk of failure in electrical equipment during research and development, factory testing, site acceptance testing (commissioning), as well as repair testing and in-service troubleshooting for effective maintenance planning. 

The importance of PD testing 

Insulation faults are a major cause leading to the eventual breakdown and failure of electrical equipment. Therefore, it is crucial that the insulation condition is verified throughout equipment lifecycles. Partial discharge is both a major cause and a very reliable indicator of developing insulation defects in electrical equipment that can eventually cause it to fail, resulting in costly outages.

The multi-language MPD software can be easily configured for individualized PD testing and reporting.

The MPD 800 universal partial discharge measurement and analysis system includes many time-saving features.