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MEA Utility CEO roundtable

The MEA Utility CEO Roundtable is a unique platform crafted for the first time at Middle East Energy 2023. Positioned to be a significant feature across the exhibition, this exclusive peer-to-peer platform will feature over 30 CEOs from across the power value chain from the MEA region. The Roundtable is carefully curated to focus on high-level pressing issues and evolving opportunities to exchange open conversations, strengthen relationships and propel the industry to new heights.

Held on 8 March 2023, this close-door symposium will take place at Al Ain J&K room, DWTC.

The Roundtable will cherry-pick the most credible organizations from the power sector in MEA and aims to create a networking experience like no other. Undoubtedly, the meeting place for advanced strategic engagement, experience and testimony sharing, the MEA Utility CEO Roundtable allows leaders to reflect and propose concrete recommendations and unlock new ideas that will accelerate the industry’s growth.

The MEA Utility CEO Roundtable to be held under the Chatham House Rule*

Forum agenda

The power and utilities industry is going through a rapid transformational phase. Today, increasing demand for cutting-edge technology, energy-efficient solutions, smart cities, and electric transportation has converged with the greater need for the inclusion of renewable energy sources and sustainable forms of energy. Undoubtedly, the grid is certainly evolving quickly.

Smart grids are starting to play a far larger role in the MEA’s utility industry as governments go forward with ambitious plans to increase electricity supply, incorporate renewable energy into their generation portfolios and support the energy transition agenda.

The positive news is, encouraging trends in innovation and investment, supported by enabling policies, can aid the industry in achieving its goal of providing power that is more secure, dependable, clean, and affordable. Companies in the power and utilities sectors are leaning more towards investing in developing technology and adapting to new business models. An era of transformation is here, and the industry needs to make the best use of technology to remain agile, efficient, and competitive.

*agenda subject to change


Refreshments and Networking


Welcome from Informa Markets and scene-setting


Grid infrastructure and modernization through advanced technological capabilities

  • Legacy grid infrastructure and the need to adapt to newer forms of solutions
    How do we strengthen existing grid capacities with technological alterations?
    What are the means to diversify energy resources through investments in large-scale renewables capacity additions?
    The need for increased investments in T&D networks

  • Stay ahead in the digital game - A concerted approach towards grid strengthening
    How can digital and automated solutions (smart meters, smart grids, digital grid infrastructure) help improve efficiency and reliability?

  • Orchestrating collaboration between government and industry to develop enabling grid-specific policies that further accelerate the energy transition agenda 

  • How are regional initiatives enhancing in-country technological capabilities and driving economic development?


New business models – Novel ways to operate in an era of change?

  • How do we rethink operations and develop intelligent solutions with emerging business models?
  • With evolving customer-centric preferences inclined more toward greener solutions how can we diversify our offerings? 
  • The shift from a consumer-centric to a prosumer-centric model – Is this a new opportunity or disruption in the existing model?
  • Transforming business models to attract private sector investment and involvement in distributed power – Will this restructure the energy sector completely? 


End of the MEA Utility CEO Roundtable