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Renewable & Clean Energy


Despite the challenges emerging from the Covid-19 crisis, the renewable energy industry has stood resilient. Cost reduction and sustainability policies have created an interesting investor landscape while also driving growth of renewable, which are set to account for 95% of the net increase in global power capacity through 2025.

From cost-competitive niche technologies in biomass to utility-scale solar, net-zero initiatives and wind deployments, and commercial-range waste-to-energy power generation, renewables are fast emerging as cost-competitive alternatives to conventional energy technologies across the world. The initiatives and plans put forth by the European union and emerging Asian economies are likely to further the development of renewables across global markets.

At the Middle East Energy’s Renewable & Clean Energy Pavilion , we act as mediators and bring the global energy community together to provide you access to policy makers, investors, contractors, developers, system integrators and more, so that you can build connections and take your business to the next level.

At Middle East Energy

  • Interact with policy makers, investors, contractors, developers spearheading MENA region’s efforts towards the global climate and 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development . 
  • Exhibit at MEE and be a catalyst in helping the MENA region achieve its renewable energy deployment targets.
  • Explore products and integration solutions that can further accelerate your renewable energy timeline.
  • Showcase the most cutting-edge renewable technologies and service solutions to an audience who want to drive operational efficiency and quality to remain competitive. 
  • Be a key player in providing the tools to strengthen the momentum of the transition to renewable energy.
  • Acquire insights on current and future patterns and difficulties expected in climate change and how renewables can influence that.

Who will you meet?

Buyers of products & services for renewable projects across MEA and the rest of the world, from industries including:

  • Agent/Distributor
  • Supplier
  • Construction
  • Government
  • Municipal Authorites & Ministries
  • Electrical Power Systems
  • Public Utilities
  • Engineering Consultant
  • Main Contractor
  • Real Estate
  • Community Developer
  • Sub-contractors
  • Architecture
  • Engineering
  • Operations
  • Oil & Gas
  • Procurement
  • Purchasing
  • Project Management
  • Quality Assurance

Renewable Energy industry in numbers

The global market for digitalisation in the energy sector is expected to grow to

$64bn by 2025

Digitalisation is expected to boost the energy sector's profitability by

20 - 30%