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The global need to save energy

As the demand for electricity consumption increases through areas such as; lighting, air conditioning and buildings, the focus is shifting towards electrification of transport. With this growing demand, there is a need for energy management to help drive efficiencies and effective monitoring of energy systems. 

The Energy Consumption & Management sector at MEE, will provide a showcase of the solutions which drive consumption and how these can be efficiently managed, as we progress towards building smarter ecosystems and energy management systems.

Energy Consumption & Management industry in numbers

Middle East Energy | MEE | Energy Consumption & Management

Why shoud you be a part of EC&M?

  • Connect with government authorities and utility companies aiming to enhance the lives of citizens while decreasing dependence on fossil fuels
  • Showcase energy-efficient technologies and solutions enabling the development of smart cities
  • Stake your claim in the US$ 2.1 billion market for energy-efficient lighting systems 

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