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The global need to save energy

From green-energy startups to established power giants, the strategic focus of MEE is now geared towards introducing transformative lighting technologies to make inroads into the global smart lighting market projected to be worth US$ 23.6 billion by 2024. 

The Energy Consumption & Management Zone at MEE brings together the entire spectrum of the global lighting industry to facilitate further growth of the smart lighting market in the MENA region. All players across the lighting industry value chain will have the opportunity to showcase their dynamism and be part of the journey of the global transformation.

Energy Consumption & Management industry in numbers

Middle East Energy | MEE | Energy Consumption & Management

Why shoud you be a part of EC&M?

  • Connect with government authorities and utility companies aiming to enhance the lives of citizens while decreasing dependence on fossil fuels
  • Showcase energy-efficient technologies and solutions enabling the development of smart cities
  • Stake your claim in the US$ 2.1 billion market for energy-efficient lighting systems 

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