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Critical & Back-up Power

Critical and backup power is something that we all take for granted. It’s an afterthought in a modern economy that’s increasingly dependent on electric power.

But conversations surrounding critical and backup power have increased over the years and has become a hot button topic within the energy community. Long-lasting outages could wreak havoc when the loads are critical to life, business, and even a comfortable lifestyle.

It is necessary for critical facilities to have a reliable source of sustained electrical power to achieve continuous operation. With the climate being extremely unpredictable in recent years and the increase in cyber-attacks on critical energy infrastructure, it’s fair to say that a well thorough plan needs to be in place to deal with power outages of all types - short-term and long term.

After all it’s not about will a failure happen, it’s when.

The Backup Generators & Critical Power sector, at Middle East Energy 2024, will help you source progressive energy solutions at the most competitive prices and explore new technologies from niche solutions providers and fresh-thinking startups at the world’s leading energy event. Find out exactly what you need to secure your critical infrastructure.

Benefits of coming to Middle East Energy

Reduce failure rates
Introduce multiple levels of redundancies by staying up-to-date on the latest systems that will be featured at Middle East Energy by suppliers from all around the world.

Discover the latest solutions
Discover and implement cutting-edge systems such as Modular UPS where faulty modules can be replaced and brought online whilst the system continues to function ensuring a constant flow of energy. 

Discover alternate backup systems
Having the ability to switch to a backup system opens your business to the possibility of alternative energy plans that can save you money. Backup power comes in different shapes and sizes with options including cleaner energy solutions. Exhibitors at Middle East Energy have these solutions on offer to boost your business resilience by ensuring electricity can always be accessed.

Adapt to the market
Increasing demand for reliable power, coupled with the growing use of essential electrical equipment and digitization, is driving up the adoption of UPS systems. Adapt to the market today so that you remain ahead of the curve by networking with local and international exhibitors that can provide you with solutions that fit your business model

The Power Generation industry in numbers

By 2025, the UAE diesel generator market is projected to grow at CAGR of 


By 2023, the Middle East diesel genset sales is set to grow by


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