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As the call for renewable energy to be scaled up intensifies, so that the world can meet the goals set out in the Paris Agreement, a great many people don’t really think about what that growth means for the transmission and distribution sector.

Energy has to be transported over long distances and integrated into existing transmission networks. Conventional power grids have to now integrate and take into consideration the excess power generated locally (like solar panels in houses) to ensure that the grid can safely absorb the distributed energy resources. So while power is being transmitted from the power plants to a substation and then distributed from the substation to our homes and businesses; without a stable, reliable, and in today’s world, an intelligent transmission and distribution system, the grid is more likely to disconnect and fail due to the excess of power generation.

To meet the rising demands of electricity, the world’s transmission and distribution lines will need to increase by more than a third to an estimated 94 million kilometers by 2035, with an estimated cost of more than $310 billion per year, which still shows strong signals of the enormous opportunities in hand within global T&D sector.

To support the recovery of the post-pandemic energy landscape and help you stake your claim in the billion dollar market, Middle East Energy’s longest running and most successful sector – the Transmission & Distribution - returns in its 48th edition with representation from the global cable manufacturers and the entire value chain of T&D products including machinery, electric lines, transformers, and line management systems.

Benefits of coming to Middle East Energy

Develop safe, reliable, and affordable operations
Meet with exhibitors that have the latest technologies that will help you reduce operating expenditures while improving safety, reliability, and customer service. You could save 10 to 30 percent in frontline operations, engineering planning and supply chain optimisation through these exhibitors at Middle East Energy.

Improve effectiveness and efficiency
Discover and implement cutting-edge digital and analytics tools to transform consumer and supplier journeys, automate manual work processes and improve maintenance planning and execution while introducing real-time outage tracking and incident reporting. All of this at Middle East Energy.

Add more layers of devices and services
Evolve your grid network to have more layers and services and implement a more advanced, scenario-based planning combined with real-time data management and cyber risk mitigation. Gain expert insights into what options are available to you at Middle East Energy and meet with solution providers from around the world.

Market Insights
Gain market knowledge on the latest power transmission contract in the region and the trends that are driving the Transmission & Distribution sector. This is made possible through 1-1 pre-arranged meetings or through the array of conferences that we have on offer. 

Transmission & Distribution industry in numbers

Power Transmission and Distribution Equipment market worldwide is projected to grow by 


By 2023, investment required foe MENA's transmission and distribution industry is


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