Why should you promote your brand at MEE

Go beyond just branding your stand. Have your company name appear throughout Middle East Energy in all the busiest visitor spots through our variety of sponsorship opportunities. Based on your business objectives we provide you with three different ways to promote your brand to a larger audience before, during and after the event.

We offer a variety of marketing channels and platforms throughout theshow lifecycle that can be used to optimise your brand and message.These opportunities are listed under each of the sections of ENGAGE, PROMOTE and ENHANCE depending on what your business objective is.

What are your business objectives


Engage with your target audience : Options under this category allow your target audience to get more closely involved with your brand or product


Promote your brand : Convey your messages, brands and ideas to energy professionals before, during and
after the event via MEE’s print and digital channels.


Enhance your visibility in the market : Stand out from the crowd and drive traffic to your stand during the show.