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Smart Solutions

Digitalisation is part and parcel of everyday life. It has now, rapidly some would say, made its way into every sector and the energy field is no exception. With more and more end-use sectors adopting digital technologies, the rebound effect on energy efficiency is highly significant.

The transportation sector has shifted to a smarter and more connected infrastructure, with new solutions such as automation and ridesharing reducing energy consumption in half.

Smart structures have shown that digitalization can cut energy consumption by about 15% by using real-time data to improve operational efficiency. Smart lighting and thermostats use predictive technology to envisage the needs of the user and creates a connected system where energy wastage is reduced.

The biggest industry that stands to benefit the most by adopting smart technologies would be the energy suppliers. The use of smart technologies such as smart sensors and data analytics not only decreases production costs but also helps in predicting equipment failures thereby improving the health and safety of workers.

At Middle East Energy, find out how the use of smart solutions is set to help save millions in the long run and is now a key enabler in the transition to a low-carbon energy system. 

Benefits of coming to Middle East Energy

Saving costs
The first and immediate effect of digitalisation is cost optimisation and cost savings. Middle East Energy provides you with the necessary tools to understand how you can use digital transformation initiatives to bring in efficiencies and utilise existing resources better.

Understanding how to use data better
Energy efficiency is changing and new digital technologies are enabling greater control, optimisation, and analytics. Understand how digitalisation offers the potential to increase energy efficiency through technologies that gather and analyse data before making changes to the physical environment.


Increase the operational lifetime of infrastructure and services
One of the effects of digitalisation is the increased operational lifetimes of any energy infrastructure. Through predictive maintenance and less physical stress on production equipment and machinery, your organisation can take advantage of huge efficiency gains through automated processes. Visit Middle East Energy and meet with suppliers that can help you figure out the best solution for your business.


Improved asset management
Any energy system consists of various elements that can degrade and develop faults due to overloading and continuous operation. Different smart solutions such as IoT sensors can be used to monitor various factors associated with the asset working to identify safety hazards and vulnerable components. This improves maintenance tasks and improves the life of the assets. 

Smart Solutions industry in numbers

The global market for digitalisation in the energy sector is expected to grow to

$64bn by 2025

Digitalisation is expected to boost the energy sector's profitability by

20 - 30%

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